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30. listopadu 2009 v 10:29 |  Kolik řečí umíš...
-ish is a very common suffix in spoken colloquial English. First of all, it helps us express uncertainty, but we can also use it when saying that some behaviour was typical for somebody.
Look at these exapmles to understand in which situations can we use -ish:

How are you? - I am good... ish. = I am not sure how I am. I feel good, but on the other hand I don't.

It was Thomasish thing to do. = Someone did something what is typical for Thomas. They behaved just like him, if he was on their place instead of them.

In this building are 74 521 people right now... ish. = Well, I said some count which I think can be close to the truth, but I don't know the right count, of course.

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